We asked Pastors: About their use of Online Resources for sermon preparation?

Here are the top 6 things they said:

  1. One major issue is that internet connectivity is limited in remote places. The village pastor will struggle to use online resources.
  2. Many of our pastors use www.sermoncentral.com to prepare their sermons. Most useful resources have to be bought using a credit card and most of our pastors don’t have one.
  3. In our denomination pastors Logos for message preparation. We also use Malayalam Bibles, commentaries and books.
  4. We use the Thomson & Thomson Reference Bible, New Bible Commentary, MacArthur Study Bible, Preacher outline Sermon Bible and books by John Piper.  We use these to prepare our sermons and study our Bibles.are used to prepare the sermon for Sunday Service.  We are currently not using any mobile apps for Bible study.
  5. We use the Barclay’s Commentary, McArthur Study Bible, E-Sword, and the other online study materials for our Bible study.
  6. We use the “Faith Life Study Bible”. We’ve also purchased CDs from E-Sword, Books of Bible, and Life Stories. We also use Thompson Chain-Reference Bible, and Concordance
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