Day 30: There Is a Season

[God] has made everything appropriate in its time. (Eccl. 3:11)

I  don’t  know  how  my  sweet  mother  did  it. She  had  two daughters at home: a tween (that would be my sister) and a bratty teenager (that would be me). My sister was the perfect one; I was just learning how to drive (and driving my parents crazy) and not doing very well in trigonometry. Then our grandmother, Nonni—Mom’s mom—had a stroke.

Nonni came to live with us. She was still ambulatory, but she did not know danger. She would get up and walk around in the middle of the night; she would turn on the stove and leave it on; she would forget to chew her food. It was almost like having a grown-up two-year-old in a house that wasn’t baby proofed.

It was an extremely hard time for my mom. She tried des- perately to be the wife, mother, and daughter she felt she had to be. Always on call, my mom became physically, spiritually, and emotionally exhausted.

Years later, when I had my first baby, Mom told me I couldn’t be all things to all people. She said there are seasons in a woman’s life, like when Nonni lived with us, when we simply cannot do everything and be everything. The demands are just too great. She told me to delegate, to let some things go, and to seek and accept help.

Are you in a challenging season? Perhaps you have a new baby or a teenager at home, or you’re going through a season of unemployment or relocation. Some seasons are joyful and full of love and laughter. Other seasons are sad, disappointing, or frightening. Just remember that seasons don’t last forever. God will give you the grace you need for each day.

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