Day 29: Busy

He leads the humble in what is right and teaches them His way. (Ps. 25:9)

Valerie glanced at the clock on the dashboard. If I can just make it through this traffic, I can pick the kids up at school and get them to soccer practice on time. Valerie seemed to be busier than most of the women she knew. Although she was a single, working mom, she agreed to provide items for school bake sales whenever she was asked. She drove her children and their friends to sports practice and special events on a regular basis. She was also active in her Sunday school class and hosted a small group in her home on Thursday nights.

Valerie frequently groused about how little sleep she got and how her prayer times were sporadic at best. When her best friend Karen asked her why she didn’t cut back on her sched- ule, Valerie said she couldn’t because so many people needed her help.

Karen asked, “Is there maybe a little pride involved in work- ing more, being busier, getting less sleep, and spending more time in the minivan than anyone else?” Valerie was stunned, and for a moment she couldn’t think of an answer. “I . . . I don’t know. I never thought of it that way before. Maybe you’ve got a point. I know one thing—I’ve got to make some changes. I just can’t keep up the pace anymore.”

Women may get too busy because they want to please everyone or they have a hard time saying no. But sometimes, on an unconscious level, busyness is due to pride and the need to feel important. God doesn’t want us to be so busy we’re overwhelmed; He just wants us obedient to the things He calls us   to do, knowing we are completely accepted and unconditionally loved by Him.

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