Day 27: Miracle in a Tree

God, who is like You? (Ps. 71:19)

I was fretting again. My husband has been out of work for a while. God has taken good care of us, but sometimes it’s tough to be that dependent. Sometimes our thoughts stray to the “what ifs” of life without a steady income.

Lately I’ve been worried about a tree, of all things. A pine tree in our backyard keeps dropping bits and pieces of itself onto the grass. I’ve brought it to my husband’s attention, but having the tree cut down isn’t in the budget right now. While we ignore it, however, I fear it will drop something on someone’s head or fall on the house. That tree has become a symbol of stress for me. Last night we had a terrific thunderstorm, full of wind, lightning, and lots of rain. When the storm was over, we saw that the tree had come down, snapping off about ten feet above the ground. It had fallen away from the house into a creek that borders our backyard. Since the storm had torrential rains, the

creek was rushing, sweeping away a major portion of the tree.

I knew in that moment that I was looking again at the mir- acle of God’s provision, as if He were saying to me, I still see you. I’m still here. And I’m still taking care of you. He knocked the tree down safely to a size my husband could now manage, and He even swept half of it away! The tree became another symbol of His love for me.

Our God still works miracles. He still provides. He still takes care of His own. His provision probably won’t look the way you think it will, but He can do things we could never dream of. Look for the miraculous in your everyday.

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