Day 20: Rough Patches

I follow close to You; Your right hand holds on to me. (Ps. 63:8)

Dana pulled down the garage door on the storage unit, picked up the box of miscellaneous items she had decided her family might need, and headed to the car where her mother waited for her. The familiar tears threatened to flow again, but she fought them back as she got in the car.

“Dana, honey,” her mom said, “I know this is a difficult time for you, but we’re more than glad to have you, Jim, and the kids living with us for a while.”

“I know, Mom,”Dana replied, wiping away a persistent tear. “I’m glad we have family to help us through this foreclosure. I just never thought this would happen to us; and, quite honestly, I’m ashamed. I know Jim is too.”

Dana’s mom thought a moment before she responded. “Instead of being ashamed, why don’t you just look at this as a humbling situation? Shame might push you away from God, but humility will draw you closer to Him.”

Most families experience a few crisis situations over the years. Whether you struggle with financial losses, a serious illness, the death of a loved one, the physical destruction of a home, or a horrible crime, your family will undoubtedly experience its share of grief and pain.

When you approach a crisis with attitudes such as bitterness, anger, shame, resentment, and pride, the situation will almost certainly get the best of you. But God tells us that if we respond to trials with submission, faith, humility, and dependence on Him, He will exalt us at the proper time. He’ll also work in the situation to produce good results out of what seems to be so terribly bad. How will you respond to the difficult times ahead?


This blog entry is an excerpt from the book, Journey: Living life well

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