Day 19: A Mark of Shame

Restore the joy of Your salvation to me, and give me a willing spirit. (Ps. 51:12)

Amy hurried back to her car, holding back the tears that had been welling in her eyes since the doctor first gave her the news. Chlamydia. She quickly got into her car and pulled out the information sheet. Now that tears were pouring down her cheeks, she could barely read the pamphlet.

“Chlamydia . . . a common sexually transmitted disease (STD) . . . can damage a woman’s reproductive organs . . . serious complications . . . can occur ‘silently’ before a woman ever rec- ognizes a problem.” Amy looked up, startled, hearing someone knocking on her car window.

Dr. Canfield’s nurse, who was also a friend, motioned for Amy to let her in. After seating herself in the car, Leslie assured Amy that the antibiotic prescribed by the doctor should take care of the infection.

“But I’m so ashamed,” confessed Amy. “I’m a Christian, and I promised not to have sex outside of marriage.”

“Oh, Amy,” Leslie replied, “I understand. Could I pray for you right now?”

Amy nodded. As Leslie prayed, Amy began to remember God’s grace and feel hopeful.

Many of us live with the painful consequences of past sins, but God can remove the shame attached to that consequence and redeem it for good. Make sure you’ve confessed and repented of the sin that brings such guilt; but once you have, accept God’s gracious gift of forgiveness and refuse to let the enemy shame you again. God doesn’t want His children to live in shame and hopelessness.

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