Day 18: Everyone’s Mommy

We must not get tired of doing good, for we will reap at the proper time if we don’t give up. (Gal. 6:9)

“I thought mothering would stop when my youngest went off to college,” Kacy said. “Yesterday I received three teary calls from Kate about the breakup with her fiancé. Then my mom called in hysterics, thinking she heard someone in her yard. Her prowler turned out to be an overgrown rosebush scraping against the side of the house.”

Rachel hugged Kacy and laughed. “Welcome to the Everyone’s Mommy Club. Remember what I went through with my dad, while the girls were off at college, one partying instead of studying and the other changing majors every semester?”Kacy nodded. How many times had they prayed together during that year? “I stayed sane by praying constantly, venting when I needed to, and clinging to Jesus. Now I see how He used that stage to teach me patience and to entrust my girls to Him. Look at them now. They’re doing great.”

Kacy prayed silently, What do You want to teach me during this stage, Lord? Help me cling to You as Rachel did and to remember it won’t last forever.

Our kids don’t stop needing us when they leave home. Many empty nesters barely have time to enjoy extra couple time before calls begin flooding in from adult children. “The wedding is off.” “Can I borrow rent money?” For those also caring for aging parents, life can feel crushing. But like the terrible twos and the teen years, each stage is temporary. And God is with us through all of it, carrying us in His strength, teaching us new things, giving us grace to love those who are calling on us for help.

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